At Batchley First School, our aim is to improve the life chances of all our pupils through a broad and balanced curriculum. Our motivation is to develop confident and creative young people who can thrive in their learning and in a changing world by thinking, acting, and talking like experts.

Our curriculum vision is inclusive, well -designed and coherently sequenced in order to establish a strong foundation for all our pupils. It provides pupils with opportunities to develop reading, writing and mathematical knowledge, alongside other areas of the National Curriculum.

Oracy – learning well through talk, as well as learning to talk well – is an important driver for learning; empowering pupils to articulate their knowledge, understanding and thinking. Knowledge acquisition is central to our vision and we provide rich, purposeful and varied contexts and opportunities for pupils to acquire knowledge and then to develop and apply it.

Each area of the curriculum has a subject-specific overview which demonstrates what we want pupils to learn in each subject and the order in which to deliver this to ensure pupils make progress in their learning. Examples of these can be found in the ‘curriculum progression‘ area. Please feel free to contact Mr Reeves, our deputy head, for any other information you require on our curriculum. 

The design and planning of our curriculum makes explicit the weaving in of engaging, memorable learning experiences which give pupils the opportunities to see where knowledge and learning could take them, both now and in the future. Our overall curriculum design is underpinned by our vision for what the pupils in our community need to thrive and to become confident learners and citizens. 

We are also now proud to be a member of the Curriculum with Unity Schools Partnership (CUSP) and have access to their materials to support learning in our Batchley curriculum. 

You can find out more by watching this video here.

We have 4 curriculum drivers that help shape the work we do.   Community, Possibilities, Growth & Mindfulness.  Below are the definitions we use to make sure we all have the same priorities in mind.