Our Batchley houses have been named after inspirational role-models. During the summer term 2022, pupils, parents and staff explored and promoted numerous potential candidates who had the qualities we would desire in our learners to name our new houses. After a vote open to all members of our school community (and even a visit from one candidate herself), the four winners were decided.

Now, children and staff are all attached to a house. House captains were voted for by all children in school, after campaigning and promoting their manifestos as part of a meaningful, purposeful democratic process.

Being part of a house builds an extra sense of community, plus evidence of a growth mindset, perseverance, generosity and many other qualities and positive learning behaviours that we can take from our house-leaders earns house points. We also hold regular house competitions, such as our curriculum Kahoot quizzes that also benefit the children in helping them transfer learning into their long-term memories.