History Learning at Batchley First School

Our history curriculum is designed to inform how we plan for children to grow their historical knowledge year by year and for us to assess how well they are improving.

Progression is a cumulative experience of developing substantive knowledge (the “know what”), whilst using and applying disciplinary and procedural knowledge (the “know how to”) gained and made secure by repeated practice in different contexts.

Learning is further embedded by the application of, and the developing forward from, what has previously been learned and remembered into new concepts and contexts.

 An overview of what we strive to achieve can be found below.

Our Batchley Historians…

Are enthused by history

Have enquiring minds

Are detectives, delving into the past to piece together clues left behind

Can evaluate what is presented to them as useful, or not in creating a clearer picture

Can use sources that they have selected subjectively

Interpret different sources

Understand the history of Batchley sits in a bigger narrative of world history

Have a sense of chronology – the order of things

Are critical thinkers

Understand the importance of learning from the past

Can draw conclusions about the past, based on evidence they have pieced together


History knowledge progression 2022