Computing Learning at Batchley First School

Our computing curriculum is designed to inform how we plan for children to grow their computing knowledge year by year and for us to assess how well they are improving.

Progression is a cumulative experience of developing substantive knowledge (the “know what”), whilst using and applying disciplinary and procedural knowledge (the “know how to”) gained and made secure by repeated practice in different contexts.

Learning is further embedded by the application of, and the developing forward from, what has previously been learned and remembered into new concepts and contexts.

 An overview of what we strive to achieve can be found below.

Our Batchley Computing Experts…

Are creators of content, not merely users.

Can transfer their knowledge into different applications.

Justify their choices of what technology to use, depending on the desired outcome.

Consider audience when designing content.

Learn well about technology and use technology to learn well (when beneficial) in other subject areas.

Are safe and responsible online.

Have the knowledge and mindset to refine their content and to find and debug errors.

know how technology enhances our lives and benefits the world of work.

Understand how technology can enable communities to become more closely connected.



Computing Knowledge Progression 2022