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Year 4 - Lions and Zebras

Update for Parents of children going to Birchensale in September - message and 2 documents below. 


Dear Year 4 Parents and Carers


We are looking forward to welcoming your child to Year 5 at Birchensale Middle School. We have set up an area of our website to help you and your child with transition during this unusual time. Please visit:


Please find attached a letter explaining the information we require from you ahead of your child starting here.


Also attached is a copy of our uniform policy for you to check before you purchase any school uniform. Please pay particular attention to the acceptable shoes section, so there is no confusion over which type of shoes to buy. For parents with other children at Birchensale, it is worth noting a change to our uniform policy - white socks are no longer allowed for girls or boys. 


If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact the school office on 01527 68430.




Mr Brazier                                             Mrs Cartwright

Headteacher Designate                      Head of Year 5

Dear Year 4’s                                                                                              22nd April 2020         


Welcome to Summer Term One.


So we are at the beginning of a new term but sadly, we are not by the doors to great you and you are not by the doors to great us.  


All correspondence to go via the schools special e-mail address at the moment, .  Please put your teacher’s name in the subject line.


Below are a few useful links that can help you with your learning and you can always e-mail us (on the above e-mail address) if you are stuck or just want to ask us questions.


Further down on the Class Web Page are also some links to YouTube video’s that can help with your learning.  There are also some FUN Puzzles that you can try to solve, and I will publish the answers in a few weeks.


Please don’t forget to use Times Tables Rock Star (try to beat the teachers), Bug Club (Active Learn – for books to read) and Education City that can help you with all your subjects.


There are also some stories read by some Batchley Teachers of the Story Time section of our school website.


Oak National Academy is an online school created by teachers. The Academy provides access to 180 video lessons per week across a broad range of subjects, including maths, art and languages.


BBC Bitesize is having daily lessons that covers a variety of subjects.



Remember to

  • Stay safe
  • Listen to your parents
  • Help and respect your parents
  • Do some Reading and
  • Practise your Times Tables


Best Wishes


The Year 4 Team



Other useful websites:










Mindfulness and Keeping Active


General Knowledge & Fun



Fun Activities to Keep the Kids Entertained (Not Homework)...

Our Governor

Mr David Thain


Miss Douglas (Mondays & Tuesdays)
Miss Emms (Wednesdays - Fridays)
Miss Wilson - Class TA (Monday - Friday)
Mrs Hardy - TA (Monday - Friday Mornings)


Mrs Smit
Mrs Stevens: Mondays - Thursdays
Mrs Evans: Thursdays & Fridays

Zebras rolled the red 'carpet' out for the author, Lee Harrison, who visited the school today to give the children a signed book. (Friday 31st January)

Year Four had and amazing time at our Languages - Theme Landing... Showing their work off to their parents.

Zebras went to play squash at Redditch Hockey & Rugby Club on Monday 27/02/20

Zebras are learning how to play Squash

intro to claude monet for kids

introduction to claude monet, suitable for primary / elementary children. Featuring loose brushstrokes painting demonstration by Malcom Dewey: https://www.yo...

An Introduction to Decimals

From, a look at the basics of decimals. For both children who are learning about decimals and parents who wish to brush up on their kn...

Math Antics - Rounding

Learn More at Visit for more Free math videos and additional subscription based content!

Adjusting One Number - Subtraction Strategy

This video provides an overview of the Adjusting One Number subtraction strategy. This strategy eliminates the need for regrouping in order to solve subtract...

BBC Schools: Numbertime: Time - Telling the Time

This is the final programme in the unit "Time" and looks at Telling the Time. Featuring Toby Jones (in a before-they-were-famous role) as Tim.

Spring Term One English

Spring Term ONE Maths

Fractions for kids - Mathematics for kids

Educational video to practice math and more specifically to learn how to do fractions. Kids will also discover which is the numerator and which the denominator in a fraction. They will also learn how to read each number with numerous, super fun examples.

Calculating a fraction of an amount

Another fantastic video from www.MathsMaster.Org

Adding Fractions (common denominator)

NEW: After watching the film, try this Kahoot! Using models, we can add fractions which have the same denominator. You'll quickly see that you don't really need the models. Once you're happy with this, you can add any fractions with a common denominator. If you can reduce it, DO SO.

How to subtract fractions with like denominators and proper answers

Learn how to add or subtract fractions with common denominators. When adding or subtracting two or more fractions with common denominators, we add or subtract only the numerator while we keep the denominator the same. We will then simplify our answer by reducing the fraction if necessary.

Subtract Mixed Numbers with Like Denominators

This video provides two examples of subtracting mixed numbers with common denominators. Search Video Library at

Spring Term One Homework

Autumn Term

English - Special Delivery

Strange Envelope Appeared in Class
Magic Book

Replacement Ideas for Book


Out Theme is Languages
A parcel arrived from the Birmingham Museum.
Bella is opening the box to see what is inside.
Zebras were very excited!
Some items in the box...
Any clues?
Where are these things from?
Can you read this?
What does it say?

Invasion Games at Birchensale

Amazing Work Produced in Class

Short Division - 2 digits by 1 digit

Short Division - 2 digits by 1 digit

Division - Bar Model

Beginning Division: using arrays

This film is for adults. It's an exploration of what I show kids and how I link multiplication and division from the get-go. It's not meant for use with a class - the pace is too fast for the level that needs this material. Kids start division after they've got some grasp of multiplication.

Multiplying: 2 digit numbers | Multiplication and division |

Multiplying: 2 digits times 1 digit (with carrying)

Expanded Multiplication

Array Multiplication ( Array Math )

Learn to multiply using arrays. An array is a group of shapes arranged in rows and columns. Rows run left and right and columns go up and down. You can write a multiplication equation by counting the number of rows and columns. Array math helps you visualize what is happening when you multiply.

Adam Up Maths - Grid Method Multiplication

The Number Crunchers explain how to use the grid method for multiplication.

Maths Help - Column Addition Addition

Maths Help - Column subtraction without exchange

Column Subtraction. (How to use column subtraction without exchange).

Maths Help - Column Subtraction

Column Subtraction. (How to use column subtraction without exchange).

Maths Help - Column Subtraction with Exchange

Column Subtraction. (How to use column subtraction exchange).

Times Tables

Action Words & Common Exception Words - Words Year 4's are expected to read and write