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Year 4

Year 4 started to learn about the digestive system. This week we looked at the organs involved in the digestive system. We labelled a diagram.

Year 4 created water xylophones as for their final lesson on sound. The children experimented to see how the volume of water in a container effected the sound.

Year 4 created music instruments related to our science sound theme. We experimented with the size and tightness of the elastic bands on our sting instruments. We also investigated to see what happen if we use pasta instead of rice in the shakers.

In year 4 we investigated how sound change over distance. We also investigated to see what would affect the quality of the sound. We tied knots in the string and we changed the length of the string. We also tested to see if our string phones worked around corners and we tested to see if the tightness of the string affected the quality of the sound.