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Year 3 - Elephants and Giraffes

Miss Louth - Elephants

Miss Louth - Elephants

Catch-up from the classroom!

A brief update to say (1) we're still here, (2) we're still working, and (3) we're still missing you! Make sure you get in touch if you need any help with work, are short on inspiration, want to show off something you've done, or just feel like a bit of a catch-up.....

Beowulf Story Map

Work from Thursday 9th July

Animated Epics: BEOWULF (1998) TV Movie [360p] HQ - Classic animation

This was the first story ever written in (old) English! An epic story of heroes and monsters from the early days of the Anglo Saxons. We have been using this cartoon and text in school to support our work, and it will be really useful for your homework packs too...



Woohoo, we have some more children back in school, and it's great to get back into class - even if they're a bit short on numbers and duration at the moment!  For those of you who aren't back in yet, don't worry, we've got plenty of work for you to be getting on with...



Our work for the next two weeks is going to be based around two of the different groups of people who settled in the British Isles over a thousand years ago – the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings.  You might know something about them already, but you might need to do some research of your own to get the most out of your work.  Some good places to start your research might include:

BBC Bitesize has lots of small-scale primers all about the Vikings and the world they inhabited:

An audio recording of the whole of Neil Gaiman’s (fantastic) retellings of the Norse myths.  They’re told in a very chatty, immediate style which grabs your attention, and I’m sure the children will love spotting all the references to characters they might have heard of in Marvel films…

The website of the Jorvik Viking Centre – the biggest Viking museum (experience?) in the British Isles, built on top of a good chunk of the old Viking city of Jorvik, or York as it is more commonly known nowadays!

A very gentle watch – charting the history of England from Roman times to the Norman conquest (so covering both Anglo-Saxons and Vikings) by looking at one small town.

Two great websites covering one of the most spectacular archaeological finds ever made – the royal ship burial at Sutton Hoo.  The artefacts found are on display in the British Museum but the story of their finding – and the photos from the time – are amazing too!

Resources for 7 – 11 year olds from the British Museum.  As well as the Sutton Hoo treasure there is a heap of amazing stuff from Viking and Saxon finds in the museum, such as the Lewis chessmen and the Alfred Jewel – you can also take a virtual tour of the collection!

A bit silly, but great fun and with a lot of interesting information about one of the most important people in English history!

A really good summary of the whole period with lots of sub-pages to explore about particular sites and individuals, and some lovely photography too.



We hope that you've found the resources we have sent out and put on the class page useful when tackling maths work at home.  However, if you are still struggling to show how to solve calculations, we think the following links will be useful:


How to learn times tables and multiply numbers


How to solve short division and long division

Understanding fractions

How to compare fractions, decimals and percentages (Year 4 curriculum)


Please be aware that these are not Year 3 specific - in fact, the last one is specifically for Year 4 upwards!  However, they are clear and easy to follow, and the step-by-step guide corresponds very well with the way maths is taught at Batchley and the printed guidance we have already sent out.

Dance challenge - the first entry!

Still image for this video
Can any of you beat this?