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Year 3 - Elephants and Giraffes

Miss Louth - Elephants and Mr Birtwhistle - Giraffes

Miss Louth - Elephants
Mr Birtwhistle - Giraffes



W/C 21 September 2020


Hi everybody!  A great second week for the Year 3 classes, and we are now starting to get back into the swing of things after those strange first few days.  We are really impressed with how well the children have settled back into familiar routines and have accepted the greater responsibilities that come with being in Key Stage 2, particularly during these strange times.  If we keep nagging about the basic behaviour, it’s because we need to make sure that the small things are more embedded than ever – it really is a case of Ready, Respectful and Safe!  


With that in mind, thank you for making use of the wipe-clean book folders for the time being, and for making sure that the children aren’t smuggling in anything into school aside from water bottle, coat and book bag.  At present we aren’t using either lockers or trays, so there really isn’t room for anything else (even coats are a struggle), and we’ll be providing everything that the children need day to day.  


We’ve successfully navigated our first library change-over day today, so the children should have a couple of new books to be reading for the next week.  We’re not writing in reading records on a daily basis at the moment, as we’re trying to avoid cross-contaminating any surfaces where possible, but that doesn’t mean that we’re not keeping records of who’s reading what, and when – we’ll be flagging up our first super readers next week!  As there’s a lot of catching up to do, we really do appreciate it if you are able to read with your child each evening, even if it’s only for a few minutes.  It makes a huge difference to their basic reading skills and wider comprehension, and they enjoy it far more when they’re reading for you.  Even if you don’t, please do send the children in to school with their book folders every single day, as we need to keep a record of all reading, to hear individual readers, and potentially to use other applications with the logins in the reading diaries…


Aside from reading, we’re into our second week of the first batch of Education City homework.  If you’re not able to access that, please do let us know so we can arrange for paper copies.  Similarly, the first Teachers vs Pupils Times Table Rock Stars tournament will be reaching a conclusion on Sunday.  At the moment the pupils are winning, but the teachers will be making a come-back over the weekend, so if the children are wanting to be winning some biscuits for their classes they need to get logging on and having a go.  Everyone should have a working login for RM Unify, Times Tables Rock Stars and Charanga music by now, but if you don’t, or if you have any problems accessing any of those applications, please let us know.  


Please also register on Class Dojo if you possibly can, either by clicking on the link below or by downloading the app on your tablet/phone and entering the invitation code we have sent home.  The school is going to be making a lot more use of Dojo, as it will be our main reward application, a method of direct communication with parents, and a way of hosting photos, documents, videos and other types of electronic file and communication if we end up having to provide any remote teaching over the coming months.  


Have a super weekend everyone.


Miss Louth and Mr B