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Year 3

During Science Week we made wormeries and gave some lucky worms a new home!  We loved to see the layers of sand and soil mixing up as the days went by.

This week as we completed an assessment of everything we'd been learning about this half-term to do with rocks, soil and fossils. Extra dojo points were available for children who showed off all the extra things they could remember or explain aside from the basic questions!

Year 3 have been looking at the process of fossilisation as part of their study of rocks. We recreated this process by making layers of different coloured salt dough to represent sedimentary rock, and then "fossilising" ice cubes with coloured paperclips inside to represent the bones. The ice "flesh" melted away when the dough was cooked, leaving us with strata of different coloured rock and the buried fossil inside!

Year 3 have been looking at how soil is formed this week. Here, the children are looking at how we could classify soils by colour, texture, dryness and contents. We looked at the four processes that create soil, and identified the different layers and types of soil.