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Year 2 - Frogs and Geckos

Welcome to the Year 2 pages.

Year 2 Geckos & Frogs

Online Learning- Log in help.

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Click on the stars above to see our latest news. 


Polar Habitats questions for computing.

Hello year 2,


I hope you are having a lovely week so far. I have added a link to a learning clip from White Rose Maths for you to watch. It is all about fractions. Why not have a go, you could fold paper into equal parts or find the fractions of a number. 

Fractions with White Rose Maths. Click on the link above.

Fraction work booklet (if you would like a challenge!).

Mini Literacy Clips- Have fun learning about exclamation marks, commas in lists and question marks.

WALT Calculate

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Can you remember learning all about World War 2 this year?


I’m sure it must have been such amazing news to have heard that the war was finally over in 1945. Victory in Europe Day - also known as VE Day - celebrates the end of World War 2. Today, countries throughout the world celebrate VE Day annually, on either 8 or 9 May. 


You can join in at home, many people are planning to decorate their windows and front gardens on Friday. Some are even having street parties with a difference. Sadly, we still need to keep a safe distance from our friends and neighbours so that we stay safe. However, you could still set up a table outside your home and have a little celebration with your neighbours. If you do celebrate, we would love to see any pictures. Remember to stay safe, social distancing is still in place. 

Some VE Day ideas:

  • Make some bunting or paper chains to decorate your windows or garden.
  • Bake a cake or cookies (If you scroll down there are some super simple recipes below).  
  • Make a dance to perform or learn some songs from the time. 
  • Draw/ paint pictures and put them in your windows. 
  • Design and make a VE day medal. 
  • Draw/ make a Spitfire plane. 

Daily News- 5th May 2020


Yay the sunshine is back this week! Have you noticed any Bee's in your garden? Have a read of the daily news (provided by Twinkl). 


What do you think this article is about? 

Why do you think they have chosen that picture?

What important job do Bee's do?


​​​​​​​You could try to write your own article about news in your house.  What exciting things have been happening? 

You might like to draw a Bee or make a collage out of coloured paper or magazine pictures. 




Hello Year 2,


I hope you are all well, it is such a shame that we have lots of rain this week. Baking on a rainy day is lots of fun so I have added two recipes below. I am a terrible cook but my little boy and I manged to bake some cookies this morning! We would love to see pictures of the fun things you are doing at home. 


Remember there are some online stories to enjoy in the video section of this website. If you need help to log on to Bug Club, Education City or Unify please let us know. 


Have a lovely week,


Mrs Foster

Rainy Day Recipes

Remember you can log on to Bug Club, Education City and Times Table Rockstar’s at home. Your username and password are in your reading diary. Prizes can be won!

RM Unify Log on help.

                  In the news 29th April 2020

Captain Tom has won the hearts of the nation and has raised almost £30 million for charity. He turns 100 tomorrow, maybe you could design a birthday card for him! 


Some key words you might need are:


Captain Tom










If you do design a card, ask a grown up to take a picture and send it to We would love to put some on this page for everyone to see. 


Hi Year 2,


We hope you had a lovely Easter and enjoyed lots of sunshine and chocolate. We would love to hear about what you have been up to over the last couple of weeks. You can send us messages, pictures or some work you have been doing via the email . Add a little message in the subject to say it’s for your class teachers. If your grown-ups say that it is ok, we could add some of your work onto here. 


We have found some fantastic learning resources for you to try at home. Please take a look and use the links below. I know you will love the computing task :)


Remember to log on to Bug Club regularly, it is so important to try to read a little each day. You can do this by yourself on Bug Club as it will read a book to you! We know that your grown-ups will be very busy so lots of these tasks you can do by yourself. If you can’t log on ask your grown-ups to let us know by emailing the email address above. 



Have a lovely week and keep smiling! I saw this today and it really made me chuckle :)




During this half term in computing, we will be exploring animation. This is fantastic fun! Use the link below to watch each of the tutorials about creating simple animations. The last session uses 'I Can Animate' which can be downloaded onto a tablet device for free. It is so simple to use and is so much fun. My challenge is to make a short animation to send to us at There will be plenty of Dojo points for you and I will choose some to put here on our page. You could use Lego, Play Dough or any small toys. I can't wait to see them!




My little helpers example :)

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Here is a short animation my little girl made using I Can Animate. Remember to send us yours!


There are lots of fun things you can do in literacy over the next few weeks. Why not try ...

- You could write a diary about staying at home to protect the NHS and our families. When did it happen? Why have we been asked to stay at home? Who is the Prime Minister? How are you feeling? What fun things have you done as a family?

Once you have written your dairy you could draw some pictures, collect newspaper articles, draw a rainbow or make posters. Once you are done send us a copy via the email. Why not put it somewhere safe as a time capsule to find when you are grown up. 


You can take a look at this Powerpoint to help you. There is a check list and a writing template if you would like to use them, Feel free to present it how you like.  You might like to ask a grown up to help you make a list of key words that you might need. Remember have fun writing :)


How many of the common exception words can you read and spell? 

BBC Bitesize

Lessons every day while you are at home

Click on the link under the image below.


Explore numbers

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Representing numbers

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Counting in tens and ones.


Watch the BBC Bitesize clip below to recap how to count in tens and ones. 

I have added a challenge for you to have a go at if you like. 




Hi year 2, 


We hope you are all well and enjoying the sunshine! I am so pleased to see that lots of you have logged onto Bug Club (reading) and Education City. It has really made my day! I will give anyone using our online learning areas some Dojo points. If you have done some fantastic work please let us know, maybe you can email us via the email.  Don't forget to check out the online stories on our school website. You can find them in the Video Resource area ( We are really missing you all, stay safe and happy Easter.


Mrs Foster and the year 2 team. 


Our new text is The Twits by Roald Dahl.


We have had great fun finding out about the gruesome Mr Twit. Can you write an amazing character description of him? Remember to include adjectives, conjunctions, super sentence openers and a range of punctuation.


The picture below will take you to an audio book on YouTube.

Our new topic for this half term is Amazing Places and Spaces.

Remember you can log on to Bug Club, Education City and Times Table Rockstar’s at home. Your username and password are in your reading diary. Prizes can be won!

RM Unify Log on help.

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We have been busy learning how to write an effective rainforest description. Why not write your own about this photograph. Can you use different sentence openers, conjunctions and adjectives?

How many of the KS1 common exception words can you read and spell?

We had an amazing visit to Bewdley Museum.  

We were lucky to go on 11th November and this meant we took part in a remembrance service. We met Derek who was evacuated at just 11 years old. We asked him questions to help us explore the past. We visited an Anderson shelter and even had a go at putting out bombs! Don’t worry it was just pretend. We have loved exploring artefacts to learn more about history. 

Two very strange cases arrived in school today, look what we found inside! We know they are linked to the past and each one contained a red poppy. we had great fun looking at the artefacts. Can you guess when they were from?

Our new text arrived in class today. We looked at the front cover carefully and discussed what we could see.  We thought of lots of interesting questions such as:


  1. Who are these soldiers?
  2. Where are they?
  3. How did they get there?
  4. Why has the camel got no head?




Why not take a look at the cover with your grown-ups and think of some questions together? What do you predict this book will be about? 

If you would like to write a story about these characters at home, we would love to read them.  

We will begun to learn about coding this term including what algorithms are.

If u would like to have a go at home, you can use Scratch Chat for free by following this link:

Or if you have an iPad you can install Hopscotch and begin to code simple games.

Both of these are used in school and are free!



Welcome to year 2!

The children have settled well into their new classes and have already produced some fantastic work. 


We have enjoyed reading ‘Mrs Armitage on Wheels"’ over the last couple of weeks. Click on the video below to hear the story. Can you write your own version? We would love to hear them.



Mrs Armitage on wheels by Quentin Blake

Mrs. Armitage loves riding her bike with her dog Breakspear, but what does her bike need? Listen to the story and find out!