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Year 1 - Crocodiles and Turtles



Welcome to Year 1 - Crocodiles and Turtles

Home Learning

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Year One Teachers

Goodnight Spaceman - Sharing the book

Goodnight Spaceman - Sequencing the story

Goodnight Spaceman - Story Mapping

Goodnight Spaceman - Story Mapping

Goodnight Spaceman - We looked at all of the different parts of the story. We boxed up the story and plotted it onto a story mountain.

Goodnight Spaceman - Writing the story

Penguin by Polly Dunbar

Penguin by Polly Dunbar

Click on the picture to listen to the story.

Penguin - Sequencing the Story

We looked at how the main character felt at different points in the story. We thought about what he might be thinking and what he might be saying.

Penguin - We 'Boxed Up' the story then used this to plan our own stories in a similar style.

Penguin - Writing our own stories

Just before Christmas we looked at a story called '25 December Lane'

We labelled all of the toys and used our purple polishing pens to add adjectives to make our writing more interesting.

We used our adjectives to write interesting sentences to Father Christmas.

Little Red Riding Hood

We used small pictures taken from the story to order it from the start to the end.

We worked together to story map the story

We thought about the parts of the story and boxed up the important parts.

We wrote the first part of the story together then carried on during our independent writing time.

We innovated the story and came up with a new story called Little Boy Blue.

Tiddalick Story Map

We used little pictures to sequence the story.

Story Mountain - we played the story onto a story mountain.

Shared Writing - we all worked together to write the first part of the story using the story map and story mountain to help us.

Independent Writing - The children continued to to write Taddalick.