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Visions and Values

Our school has a logo and emblem which states that Batchley is a place “Where we are all V.I.P.S” where everyone is Valued, Inspired, Progressing and Secure. These ideals are reflected in how the school is run, how children are treated and how we see the school developing over time.


For example , we have set out to make this web-site like the school itself. 


Firstly it’s very child friendly and child centred – we want children to feel that this website is for them, not just a place for grown-ups to find things out.There are links to other web-sites for children to continue their learning on-line and places for them to show what they can do.


Secondly it’s a place where things that we do are valued. We hope you will be able to see all the great things the children get to experience and to succeed at on their learning journey through the school.


Thirdly it is ever developing – we will be always adding to or changing bits to the web-site, so keep coming back to keep up to date with the developments in school.


Our children are the most important part of the school, these are some of the things they have said about the school.....


"I enjoy doing my work", "I enjoy maths and English", "I enjoy reading & writing", "i enjoy stories"


Other children said.... 


"I enjoy playing with friends", "i enjoy meeting & making friends", "we all enjoy the new climbing frame", "school is fun", "people talk to you", "SCHOOL IS AMAZING".......


We are all proud to be part of Batchley First school.