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Topic 'Cracking Ideas'

Wallace & Gromit's Cracking Contraptions Collection

We watched Wallace and Gromit's Crazy Contraptions so we could have a look at some of their inventions.
To launch our day, we challenged ourselves to make our own new invention. We had lots of fun making these.

At the start of the unit we learnt the words related to time including past, present and future. We thought about what we were like as babies in the past, what we can do and what we look like now and what we would like to do in the future.

We looked at transport in the past and in the present. We looked closely at how they are similar and different.

We learnt about Alexander Graham Bell and how he invented the telephone. We held some old and new phones and Mrs Staples challenged us to dial a number on a rotary phone dial. We enjoyed sequencing pictures to show how telephones have developed over time. 

We learnt all about John Logie Baird and his life before and after inventing the television. We thought about all the advantages and disadvantages of not having a television before ordering the inventions from the oldest TV to the newest TV.

As a part of our history topic we discussed what life might be like without electric lights. We thought about what was used in the past and how this compares to modern times. We thought about how might this effect life at home, driving in the dark life with no street lights and how unsafe it is to light up a room with an open fire or candles. We sketched light sources in chronological order.

Tim Peake's rocket launch and thumbs up - Blast Off Live: A Stargazing Special - BBC One. After looking at the story 'Goodnight Spaceman' in our English lessons, we enjoyed watching the author Tim Peake blast off into space.

This video clip made us feel very proud of Tim Peake.

We learnt all about Tim Peake's life and sketched the important parts of his life we would like to remember.