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Well done to everyone who entered a Space poem for our competition.  The following children received prizes:

First Prizes

Tia - Zebras      Caitlyn - Zebras      Finley - Frogs      Lola - Frogs      Oliver - Geckos


Second Prizes

Jessica - Zebras      Elizabeth - Zebras      Oliver - Frogs      Fabiol - Frogs

Science Home Learning & Fun Activities

Learning about SPACE

Why not combine science with art & DT? Try some of these activities with your family.

Science Club - Our Art Bots are completed

Science Light Workshops at Bidford C of E Primary School

Making and Testing Hoop Gliders in Science Club

How To Make A Hoop Glider

The Incredible Hoop Glider! Hoop gliders are pretty cool cause they look like they shouldn't really be able to fly as well as they do. This is a pretty simple activity that you have to try just to see how well it really works from HooplaKidzLab Click Here to Subscribe to HooplaKidzLab: Please leave your comments in the comments section.

We are currently making Motorised ArtBots in Science Club

Learn how to assemble your own personal, lovable bot that will take off as soon as you power it on and will definitely make a mess if you let it. With this project you will learn how to turn on a hobby motor, connect a battery pack, create a simple circuit, and use your imagination to decorate your new small pal.