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Science and history: your house through time...

Thinking about what our homes would be like without electricity, and how people in the past would have carried out all the activities you identified when we were going around our homes finding electrical appliances. What would they have done for security, entertainment, cleaning or laundry?

Science: electricity in the home part 1!

What sort of electrical gadgets can you find in your home, and what are they for? You'll probably be surprised at how many there are, but you can classify them into a few general purposes - heating, lighting, food, entertainment, security, cleaning. See what you can find and send us a photo of your lists and groups!

Animals 1: Finding your pulse

Mr B talks through how to find your pulse and how this can be used as a way of measuring how fit you are. You can learn more about how important the heart is for your body, and how your pulse measures your fitness, here:

Forces Part 1: Paper aeroplanes

Making a paper aeroplane is something that everyone should be able to do! I'll show you how to make a basic design, but think about the forces that make it ...

Forces Part 2: Magnetism, tension and gravity

Watch, and measure, three different forces operating on a single paperclip

Forces Part 3: A raisin lava lamp!

The resistance in water (or, in this case, lemonade) helps to support the weight of objects - this is how boats float. However, if the resistance of the water is weaker than the downwards pull of gravity, the object will sink. In the lemonade, the raisins sink to the bottom under the pull of gravity. However, as they get loaded up with carbon dioxide bubbles, they start to float back to the surface again!

Forces Part 4: Using a centrifuge to make a whirlwind in a jar!

You might have encountered centrifugal forces before, on a roundabout - the faster you spin, the more you get thrown outwards away from the centre of the spinning object. You can use these forces to create your own whirlwind in a jar - although my video isn't the best! If you want to try this yourself, I think that adding some coloured dye to the water would make it work even better...