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Reception - Fireflies and Ladybirds

Support for parents

We use the phonics scheme of RWI (Read, write Inc) your children all have an Oxford owl log in. 


Phonics can be tricky, it is important that when supporting your children with their reading you are using pure sounds to help them segment and blend. There are lots of fantastic helpful guides for parents below:


We use class dojo, please make sure you have a log in and check for updates. We put all reminders on there and important information. If you require any help your class teachers are available on the online messaging system to offer help and support. 


This September the Early Years Foundation curriculum has been updated and been changed so the way in which we teach things has changed. There is a link to the government website where they have highlighted some of the changes that have taken place.


Thank you 


Mrs Chester

Early Years Lead

Welcome to all children who have joined us September 2021


We have had a fantastic first half term and wanted to share the learning that we have planned. 


Autumn 1 - All about me - getting to know the children. Starting phonics and introducing the concepts of numbers 1-5. 

Autumn 2 - Terrific Tales - we will explore a range of traditional tales, we will also look Dawali and the story of Christmas. Explore numbers 5-10 and look at how to subsidise and repeat patterns. 

Spring 1 - Amazing animals and people who help us - we are hoping to get some special visitors to share their exciting job roles. We will explore number bonds to 10, addition and subtracting. 

Spring 2 - Go outside - we will look at life cycles and animals and hopefully have a visit to see some animals. 

Summer 1 - Travel - past and present we will explore different countries around the word, look at toys past/present and vehicles. 

Summer 2 - Fun at the seaside - write postcard, pack suitcases and explore the different under the sea creatures. 

Ten Fat Sausages Sizzling in a Pan - Nursery Rhymes

Ten Fat Sausages Sizzling in a Pan. Can you write a number sentence for each time 2 are taken away?

Five Little Speckled Frogs | Nursery Rhymes | from LittleBabyBum!

Five little speckled frogs - look at the number sentences, can you write them as well?


This video models how to say each of the sounds we will be working on in phonics. Encourage your child to look out for these sounds in words.

While the schools are closed you can access free phonics lessons online from Ruth Miskin.  Most children are recapping Read Write Inc set 1 sounds but we have about 15 children that have started set 2 sounds.  Look at both sets.

Phonics Blending Song

Now that we have been doing phonics for a while start to think about blending to read words. Here are some examples of how to do this in the video below.

Tricky Words and Sight Words Song

Try and guess the tricky word before it says it and without the pictures to help you.

Phase 3 Tricky Words Song Say Hello To

Here is a slightly harder one to try.

Spring 1 - Knowledge Mat on Polar Regions