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Reception - Fireflies and Ladybirds

Reception Class Teachers

Reception Class Teachers 1 Mrs O'Connor Bowers - Ladybirds

Mrs Brooks -Fireflies

Mrs Woodhouse - Ladybirds

Spring term

This half term we will be using traditional tales to help us with our writing.  We currently have 3 pigs house in our classrooms to encourage reading and writing.  We will be making models from play dough to help with our addition and using shapes to create houses to help with naming 2d and 3d shapes.  Please help us by using our phonics book and completing handwriting practise at home. 

In maths we will be exploring numbers to 20 in great detail. Thinking about what the numeral looks like, counting objects and some simple addition and subtraction. Using the part, part, whole model to find as many ways as possible to make the total.  Please help us by practising writing the numerals at home and counting anything at any time.



Traditional Tales

Traditional Tales 1

Our Favorite Numbers Songs

We learn lots of things through song, here are song counting songs you can try at home.

10 Little Numbers

Practise recognising numbers 1 - 10. Can you recognise them when they are not in the right order?


This video models how to say each of the sounds we will be working on in phonics. Encourage your child to look out for these sounds in words.

Phonics Blending Song

Now that we have been doing phonics for a while start to think about blending to read words. Here are some examples of how to do this in the video below.