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This week in Reception for Science week we have enjoyed our new animal friends, the three very hungry caterpillars and have enjoyed reading the story. In literacy we wrote a sentence about the caterpillar and all the lovely fruits he had eaten. 

In forest school we read the story 'The wriggly worm' then explored our outdoor area to find some for our wormery. Making the wormery was lots of fun and we can't wait to watch the worms wriggling around. 

We have used the iPad to spot signs of spring and taken part in observational drawings of the flowers that we have found, and written the labels to match. 

Science week

Wormery Pictures

Caterpillar Life Cycle - The children are very excited watching our caterpillars grow. We can't wait for them to turn into butterflies!

Science experiments - We were very lucky to have a lovely lady join us from Trinity High School and she did some lovely experiments with the children. They looked at germs under a microscope, watched a bottle of cola explode, saw a can crumple when it was heated then plunged into water and watched her make elephants toothpaste!