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The Roman Research homework produced some real masterpieces!

Meet the Legion - ready to take up sentry duty on Hadrian's Wall! Can you spot which legionary is which...?

Tackling some fractions work in our maths lessons this week...

Creating salt dough for our science lesson on fossilisation!

Creating some compost as part of our study of soil - Evie, Alfie and Terrence get stuck in, with some help from bouncing Elephants!

Soil - how is it formed, what is it made of, and how can we classify the different types?

Creating our Roman mosaics...!

Creating our human timeline of the history of the Roman Empire...

Looking at plate boundaries in our Geography lessons...

Sampling our Polish food - part of our Geography learning sequence...

Sequencing our Xmas story!

Testing our Greek food - with mixed reactions!

Giraffes getting creative with their times-table Christmas decorations!

Elephants practicing their fine motor skills with some detailed pencil control tasks!

Giraffes - by Giraffes! Our whole-school writing projects started with a non-fiction report all about giraffes in the wild....

Geography - sharing our background knowledge about Europe!

Creating our own compasses - using magnetism to create appliances is a key skill on the Year 3 science curriculum!

Giraffes debating the fate of the Three Little Pigs - bail, or jail! (1 October)

Discussing our wonderful new world in RE, and designing our posters! (30 September)

Exploring magnets - which objects in the classroom are magnetic, and why? (22 September)

Elephants hard at work on their gymnastic skills!

Exploring polarity with magnets (17 September)

Design and technology - building bridges! (14 September)

Art - using acrylic paints for detailed painting (9 September)

Elephants science - investigating forces with paper helicopters (8 September)

Science - learning about fair tests with paper helicopters