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Nursery - Dragonflies

Welcome to all of our new Nursery children who have started September 2021, they have all settled well and we are impressed with their developing listening skills.

There are many things that we need to learn to do before we can learn to read.  It starts with our listening and attention.  We are always working on this in nursery.  There are some things that you can try at home to support your child. 


Can you make a noise with an object in the house? Can your child guess what it was?

As a family group, take it in turns for you to sing a line from a nursery rhyme, can your child tell who it was singing?

Can you make 3 different noises with various objects and can your child make the exact same noises in the same order?


Have a go at home.

Listening Game - Phase 1 Phonics - Listening and Attention Skills

Whilst developing our listening skills we enjoy these phase 1 videos. We really have to turn our listening ears up to guess the correct sounds.

Before we can learn our phonic sounds we have to understand what is the same and what is different.

Look at each row, are they the same or different?

We also need to understand how many syllables are in words and how words rhyme before phonics.  Below are a couple of videos to support you with activities at home.


All About Me.

In Autumn 1 we learned all about our feelings.  Different emotions and what our faces might look like while we are feeling that way.  We discussed different things that might make us feel embarrassed, sad, worried, happy.  We considered how we felt when we started nursery.  

We then moved onto looking at our families, we soon realised that everyone's family was different.  Some had only a couple of people living in their home and others had lots and lots of people. We thought about family that lived outside of our homes too.



We had great fun learning about harvest.  We looked at where our food came from, at first we thought the supermarket but soon learned it was from an animal or grown in a field before it gets to a supermarket.

We made a healthy smoothie using food that had been harvested.  The bananas grew on a tree, the milk came from a cow, the greek yogurt came from a cow too, the honey came from bees. 

We looked at foods that are healthy and not healthy to eat.  

We read the story 'The Little Red Hen', the children were great at retelling the story.  The Little Red Hen grew some wheat from grains and then ground it into flour to make bread.  None of her animal friends would help her so she didn't share the bread with them. We made our own bread from flour.



We learned about why people celebrate Halloween. We thought about how we have to look after our teeth, particularly if you trick 'n treat and have lots of sweets. 

Autumn 2 

Below is an outline of the learning planned for the next half term.

Londons Burning

Still image for this video

Spring 1


Welcome to all of the new children in Nursery.

Below are the knowledge mats that will help you understand the learning this half term.

Chinese Dragon dance

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We looked at how they do the dances and tried to create our own.

We celebrated our fantasy learning with a dress up day. The children looked fabulous.

Fantasy dress up

Spring 1 - New Life



Eggs arrived in Nursery

We wondered what might be inside the eggs, so we researched what animals lay eggs.

Summer 1 Woodland and Pets