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In Nursery this week, we visited a farm to learn about how to look after and care for animals. We also made chocolate Easter nests and watched how the chocolate melted and became solid again.

In Nursery this week, we have been learning how to care for our sunflowers. We used a spray bottle to give them water, so that they didn't get too much. We saw how they have grown tall and underneath the roots are starting to come out of the pot. We now need to move them into bigger pots as it is too cold for them to go outside.

This week Nursery have started to look at growing. We have made cress heads with egg shells, cotton wool and seeds. The children helped to water them and have taken them home to try in a sandwich or salad.

Nursery have been using their sense of smell to guess what is in each pot. Sometimes they found it difficult because they couldn't use their sense of sight too.

Nursery have been exploring a variety of materials. We have used language to describe what we could see and feel. 'Rough, smooth, shiny, dull, hard, soft.' We have then had conversations about what sort of things are made from the material and why.

Nursery were investigating the air powered rocket. We had discussions about what made the rocket move and how the wind was made. We then explored what would happen if you applied a different amount of force to the pad.

Nursery children were learning about fairies and wizards so we made potions. The children looked at the ingredients and made a prediction. The children explained what happened as it exploded.