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Information for 18th JUly 2022

Dear parents/carers


Leadership has looked at all guidance from both Local Authority and Government and it will remain open on Monday and Tuesday.  


In school we will:

open windows early to let the hot air out and cooler air in

almost close windows if the outdoor air is warmer than the indoor

close blinds, but not block ventilation

turn lights off

turn electrical equipment off

cancel outdoor PE

have short, quiet playtimes in the shade before 11am

make sure children have access to cold water throughout the day 


Children should wear their PE kit or cool summer dresses. They can bring extra water drinks in with ice if you wish. They should wear sun cream and bring a sun hat. 


However, we do understand concerns that parents have about coming out in the extreme heat at 3:00pm. Therefore, we are allowing you to collect them at 12:30pm if you wish to take them home for the afternoon. All children will be fed their lunch before leaving and collection will be from the main school entrance and Early Years entrance. We will need to know who is being collected at 12:30 to organise this. Please complete the form below or contact the school office before 11:00am.


Take care

Mrs Downes