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Multiplication 3: Grid multiplication with 2-digit x 2-digit numbers!

Building on our work multiplying first with arrays, and then with grid method for 2-digit x 1-digit numbers, we are now moving on to multiplying two 2-digit numbers! I recap what we're doing with the numbers first using an array so that you can visualise the problem and to try to get us in the good habit, right from the start, of multiplying each row by each column (not just multiplying tens by tens, and units by units - aaaarrrrgh). The video is even more amateur-hour than before as the paper I'd cunningly stuck to the front of my computer monitor decided it wanted to upstage me - apologies for that, and complaints to the usual address...

Multiplication 2: Starting with grid method...

A very ropey video from Mr B, looking at how we can build on our knowledge of arrays to use a formal method of multiplication - GRID METHOD! Apologies for wobbly camera and wobbly paper here!

multiplication- an introduction to arrays...

Mr B sets out some of the first principles of multiplication - repeated addition, where we keep on adding the same number over and over again. If we set this out in arrays, we can multiply any two numbers together, as long as we're careful and have got a lot of time on our hands. Alternatively, we can speed this up by using grid multiplication - which we'll look at in the next video!



We hope that you've found the resources we have sent out and put on the class page useful when tackling maths work at home.  However, if you are still struggling to show how to solve calculations, we think the following links will be useful:


How to learn times tables and multiply numbers


How to solve short division and long division

Understanding fractions

How to compare fractions, decimals and percentages (Year 4 curriculum)


Please be aware that these are not Year 3 specific - in fact, the last one is specifically for Year 4 upwards!  However, they are clear and easy to follow, and the step-by-step guide corresponds very well with the way maths is taught at Batchley and the printed guidance we have already sent out.