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Literacy 14 Jan: Planning a piece of writing...

Mr B discusses the Talk 4 Writing sequence and what we do (and don't) want you to be doing in a lesson where you're planning a piece of writing. We want: ideas, good words and phrases, selecting and rejecting, thinking about order, bullet points. We aren't fussed about: handwriting, spellings, full sentences, random stuff jotted down anywhere. This is meant to be your plan for your next lesson, so that you can hit the ground writing straight away!

Literacy 12.01.21 - using adjectives to create an expanded noun phrase...

Just a little introduction about using adjectives to create an expanded noun phrase, which we will be doing today in our work on THE TRUTH ABOUT TROLLS. Pick interesting adjectives to describe a noun, then create a list, separating them with commas:

Trolls have noses.
Trolls have long noses.
Trolls have long, bumpy noses.
Trolls have long, broken, slimy noses.


Spellings - how to use the Read, Cover, Say, Write and Check technique to boost recall....

Using the school spelling lists to practice spellings with your child in a way that really helps with recall - using reading, writing and verbalising of the words to make sure that they're properly embedded, rather than just trying to memorise them. The writing and speaking really does make a difference!

Remember the order: Read the word, Cover the word, Say the word, Write the word, and Check the word - if you haven't got it right first time, have another go, making sure that you look for any particularly tricky - or helpful - letter combinations that will help you to remember!