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Explore our photo galleries for the Easter and Summer terms!

Science - classifying animals into different Phylum (vertebrates and invertebrates) and Orders (Mammals, Fish, Amphibians, Birds and Reptiles)

Science - filling in our human outlines with everything we know about the body!

Art - recreating our own Anglo-Saxon jewellery!

History research - learning all about the Staffordshire Hoard...

Giraffes RE - thinking about the nature of prayer and what answers we might want...

Celebrating World Earth Day with our bug hotels and recycled leaf rubbings....

Creating our Where The Wild Things Are puppet show!

Creating our Roman currency!

Giraffes doing some practical measuring in maths!

Celebrating Easter in Year 3 - look at our wonderful creations!

Our science experiment - what happens when we let an egg soak in vinegar?

Recreating some ancient greek sculpture - the Discobolus of Myron!

Recreating Palm Sunday - complete with sugar paper palm leaves!

Science investigations - what will have happened to our mummified tomatoes?!

Conducting historical research about our different works of art - what can they tell us about the cultures which created them?

Classroom drama - recreating the circus show from Leon and the Place Between!

Striking the right poses with our recreations of Egyptian tomb paintings!

Recreating the amazing Lascaux cave paintings with chalk and charcoals!

The Keyworkers group enjoying World Book Day during lockdown!

Practical division in maths - the keyworkers group getting stuck into their learning!

The keyworkers group get stuck into a PE challenge with Mrs Timbrell during lockdown