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Book 1 - The Naughty Bus

Naughty Bus - ALIVE Story Time with Miss Ferreira

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The naughty bus visited our classroom and behaved very badly. He rolled through the paint and smeared toothpaste everywhere. We read the story and realised that the naughty bus drove straight past the queue waiting at the bus stop. We thought about how these characters felt when they were waiting for the bus and how they felt when the naughty bus drove past. We enjoyed acting out what we thought the people in the queue would say to the bus before writing in speech bubbles. We used pictures to map the story to help us retell it. Finally we had a go at writing the story.

Music Video - So Good to me

Chris Malinchak - So Good To Me (Official Music Video)

We used this music video as a starting point for writing poetry.

After watching the video clip a lost poster drifted through the classroom. The giraffe was lost again! We read a poem about the lost giraffe. As we shared the poem, we worked in groups to think of the most appropriate expression to read the poem in as well as some actions to help us remember it in a 'Talk for Writing' style. We mapped out the poem and 'boxed it up' to help us to recite it to our parents. Next we innovated the poem using our own ideas and different prepositions. We boxed it up, mapped it out before writing our own poem.

Book 2 - No-Bot. The Robot with No Bottom!

No-bot. The Robot with No Bottom! - Bedtime Story Read Aloud

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Have you ever seen a robot with no bottom? It's time to meet Bernard, the No-Bot Robot! The children loved this story and found it very funny. They started this book by looking at how Bernard felt in different parts of the story. Then they added these feelings onto their story maps to show how Bernard's feelings changed. We went on a bottom hunt all around school to help us box up the story. Then it was time to innovate. We used a new boxing up grid to plan all of our ideas before writing our final story.

Book 3 - Goodnight Spaceman

Goodnight Spaceman

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We enjoyed reading this story and learning about Tim Peake. The main focus for this text was to write a 5 part story using a story mountain. We started by sequencing the story using pictures taken from the book, then created actions to help us to retell the whole story in a 'Talk for Writing' style. We spent time rehearsing and performing our story until we could confidently recite it using our story maps. Following this we thought about the 5 main parts of a story using a story mountain. We worked out what the opening was, the build up, the problem, how the problem was solved and how the story ended. We used our story mountain to write the whole story. We did 1 section per day, so by the end of the week, we had all written a long story with 5 clear parts.

Book 4 - Penguin

Penguin by Polly Dunbar

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