Design & Technology Learning at Batchley First School


R.E. at Batchley allows all children to develop their understanding of religious and spiritual beliefs. This will start with their own family practices and beliefs and expand to encompass those in their local community and further afield. The aim is to foster respect, tolerance and understanding for all members of society as the children take their place in the world.

We follow the Worcestershire Agreed Syllabus. Teachers plan their lessons building on the content and skills of previous year groups and the knowledge and abilities of the children. Children use drama, artefacts, video and video and discussions to make lessons interesting, relevant and accessible to all children.

Children show they are progressing and understanding through use of correct vocabulary, explanations and respectful opinions.



RE Batchley Curriculum 2022

A more detailed overview can be found in the Worcestershire Agreed Syllabus: WORCESTERSHIRE Agreed Syllabus 2020