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Batchley FS Governors - a little bit about us all - and our faces...

Our Governors

Mercia Lee -Co-opted Governor & Chair
Laney Walsh -Local Authority Governor & Vice Chair
Laura Grice- Parent Governor
David Thain -Co-opted Governor
Maureen Muckle - Associate Member
Anne-Marie Summers -Co-opted Governor
Jane Sutherland - Co-opted Governor
Steph Heighway -Parent Governor
Sandra Read - Parent Governor

Mercia Lee (Co-opted) (CHAIR) -

I am delighted and honoured to be a member of the governing body of this great school. Having spent my working life in schools as a teacher and later as a primary mathematics consultant for Worcestershire County Council. I love visiting Batchley FS and feeling the creative `buzz` as I meet, support and share ideas with the hardworking and dedicated staff and the delightful and wonderfully behaved children here. I particulary enjoy supporting maths learning and teaching in school. I have lived in Redditch since 1984. Both inside and outside of school I am often referred to as `the cake lady` as I love baking. I also enjoy spending time with my grandchildren, am involved with activities at my local church and love writing and producing quiz evenings for a variety of charities (including BFS!)


Laney Walsh (LA - Vice Chair) 

I was privileged to be approached to act as LA governor for Batchley First school. 

I am a lifetime resident of Batchley. I attended Batchley First school as a pupil, my three daughters attended Batchley First school as pupils, and I couldn't be prouder of this fact. 

I believe in the children, and the parents of the children that attend the school, and I will do my very best to serve all of you I the best way I can.


Laura Grice (Parent) 

I was elected as a parent governor in November 2018. I have a background in Governance, as I work as a Governors Clerk across a number of schools. I want to help support the school strategically and ensure the best outcomes for the children at Batchley First School.


David Thain (Co-opted)

I am honoured to sit on Batchley First Schools board of Governors where I have special responsibilty for Special Educational Needs (SEN). I have been a member of the board since 2010. I am a Borough Councillor, live in Redditch and teach English as a profession.



Laura Seager (Parent) 

Hi, I`m Laura Seagar. I have 4 children who all attend (or attended) Batchley First School, my eldest daughter came through Nursery Plus and is now happy and confident, settled in middle school. The change in her from day one have been amazing. She is still meeting and smashing targets set for her and this is down to the teachers, her and the school. After my youngest child was born and I realised I was going to be present at Batchley for a while, I decided to become a parent governor as I had hoped to share my opinions and thoughts on making this school the best it can be. I would like Batchley to recognised as the great school it is.


Matt Whiteley (Head)

I'm Matt Whiteley and I am very proud to be the Headteacher of Batchley First School.  I have been here since September 2006, working hard to build all the things we have achieved in that time.  One of my passions has always been sport - I was once a pretty good rugby player who played for Moseley and Worcester - and have tried to bring that into what we can do in school.  I am married to a teacher, with two teenage daughters, who are also quite sporty.  I enjoy working with the other governors to keep moving the school forward, trying to make it better and better for all the Batchley children.


Hazel Claris (Staff) 

I am really pleased to have the chance to serve on the Governing body.

I teach in Bumblebees, working with children in years 1 and 2 and have been at Batchley for 5 years and have loved every minute.

I am passionate about our children, their welfare and their education.

I have been married to Rob for 30 years (how did that happen!) and have 2 boys, Nathan (just graduated from Newcastle Uni) and Simon (currently at Uni in Nottingham). I enjoy playing hockey for Stourport and am also the club welfare officer. 



Jane Sutherland (Co-opted) 

I have been a Governor at Batchley First School for several years.  Previously I worked as a teacher and head teacher in Primary schools in Birmingham and as a Schools Inspector in both Wolverhampton and Worcestershire.  

I have lived in Redditch for over 30 years.  My hobbies include walking, training and competing with my dogs as well as painting, pottery and embroidery in my spare time.

Anne-Marie Summers (Co-opted) 


Steph Heighway - Parent Governor

I'm very excited and happy to be part of the governing body for Batchley First school.  I have lived in Batchley for 31 years and attended this school myself along side my sister.  Our children have been through the school in the past 15 years and my youngest two children are still here.  I'm proud to support and represent parents of Batchley and work with fellow governors to ensure the school is the best it can be for our children. .


Governor Register May 2020