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Autumn 2020

W/C 19 October 2020


Happy half-term holiday everybody!  


It’s been a fantastically action-packed week in Year 3, even if the children have only been in for four days, and a great way to round off what has been a super first half term.  Looking back to where we were at the start of September, it is amazing how much ground we have covered, how the children have adapted to the changed school environment and how much progress they have made in the six weeks we have had since transition.  They have all been working their socks off, not just in our “normal” lessons but in all those little catch-up key skill sessions we have been putting in to brush up where things have got rusty.   Hopefully you can all have a proper break during the half-term holiday to recharge batteries and get ready for the second half of the Autumn term.  No spoilers, but we can tell you know it is going to be absolutely crammed with exciting stuff…


In literacy, the children have been building on their work last week in creating suspense and effective setting description to create a coherent piece of writing covering the build-up and reveal of a new room in the Mutating Mansion.  On Thursday, we capped our efforts by turning this into a piece of writing for display, using our newly-polished handwriting skills to really show off what great writers we have all become.  Mrs Downes came to review the efforts today and was blown away with the progress the children had made – well done all round!


In maths, we have been working on one of the absolutely key mathematical skills, adding numbers using column addition.  This is something which (we are sure grown-ups will agree) we all have to use on a regular basis, so we have taken things slowly to give time for it to be properly embedded.  It is still something that the children will benefit from practicing to improve their fluency, so please do keep chucking addition sums at them to work out using column addition over the holidays – you could use the practice homework we set on Dojo for this, picking random numbers from the top and adding them together.  


Our foundation work for the last few weeks has been focusing on farming from several different perspectives.  This week, we continued the theme by examining what makes up soil and how different varieties can be classified in science, examining the geography of Poland and looking at why and how this – and therefore the food that is farmed there – differs from Greece.  Our week ended with us celebrating the harvest festival, not with the traditional whole-school assembly and singalong, but instead by creating our very own harvest masks, inspired by the bizarre and brilliant mannerist paintings of Giuseppe Arcimboldo.  Check out the results on the Class Page!


Rather than setting the usual homework “grid” for the half-term holidays, we will instead be setting a few mini-tasks on Class Dojo for the children to have a go at, covering different skills and subjects.  The first one, our column addition refresher, is already there, and we will be adding some more tasks as the week goes on.  In addition, the children have got another week to complete Education City homework tasks (and pick up the dojos available for doing so) or to practice on Times Table Rock Stars – we will be covering multiplication in the next half term, so any times table practice will be a big help.  


Finally, if you feel like getting creative over half-term, we will be looking to have an exhibition to mark the end of our Eurovision theme at some point in the next half-term.  Social distancing suggests it will have to be a virtual exhibition; we’ll put videos on the class page and/or Dojo.  What we want is for the children to create something to do with Europe to put on display.  It could be a map, a piece of writing, a model, a painting – the choice is entirely up to you – but it will need to be something that can go on display, and there will be prizes for great work.  Last year, purely as an example, a number of children made models of different European landmarks (the Eiffel Tower and Leaning Tower of Pisa were popular) but we also got flags, fact files, origami, paintings, and cookery brought in.  We won’t be collecting them in straight away after half term, because there’s something else brewing, but if you are keen to join in it might be a good idea to start having a think about what you might do, and planning it out.


Finally, we will be straight back into the excitement when we get back after the half term holiday.  As we’ve already said above, we’re not giving away any spoilers, but we’re sure the children will have a great time taking part.  They might even think it’s….  cool?!?!




Sorry, we did say no spoilers!


Have a great holiday, everyone


Miss Louth and Mr B



W/C 12 October 2020


Wow. What another great yet busy week! This week we started working on a book written by a local author, Luke Temple, called 'Mutating Mansion'.


We designed our own settings, creating a floor plan and then worked in groups to talk about how to add suspense to our writing. The children are coming up with some amazing ideas and are listening well to advice given. In Maths we have continued our work on Number, looking at how to add and subtract on a numberline. In the afternoons we travelled to Greece and tried some Greek food. Most of us enjoyed the pita bread and grapes, but some of us were not so keen on the olives or the Feta cheese!


More homework is on Education city for the children to complete. This is linked to what we are doing in school with the children. A polite reminder that we need ALL parents to be on class dojo. Should we have to go on lockdown again (hopefully not) children will be given work to complete on class dojo.


Hope you have a great weekend!


One more week until half term...


Miss Louth and Mr B


P.S - Please remember, Friday is a TED day so the children will break up for half term on Thursday. 




W/C 5 October 2020


Afternoon everybody!


We have had another fantastic week in Year 3.  The children are really starting to get back into the swing of things now, blasting off the cobwebs and getting their brains back in practice with all of those basic skills and behaviours that make school go really well.  All the teaching staff have been very impressed with how hard the children have been working really hard to catch up on all of the learning they missed out on during lockdown.


Of course, there is still more that we can be doing.  If at all possible can you try to make sure that your child is bringing in their reading book and reading diary every single day – we listen to the whole class read individually at least once every week, and the children will also need to use their reading records to access our online resources as their passwords are in the front covers.  We would also be really grateful, if you haven’t done so already, if you could sign up for Class Dojo by following the links below – in the event of a local lockdown, we will be using dojo to set online learning, so we need to have you connected if at all possible.


Aside from that, the children have been stepping up the pace in their learning this week.  We have been coming up with our own innovated stories based on The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig, applying the skills we have already learned independently to create their own twisted tales (or should that be tails??).  In maths, we have been exploring the links between addition and subtraction, looking at how we use our knowledge of place value and number sequencing to calculate quickly and efficiently.  This will be useful next week when we start looking at informal methods of calculation. During the afternoons, we have got stuck into our Eurovision theme with lots of mapwork, learning about the difference between physical and political maps, becoming better acquainted with the geography of France, and learning about the different parts of a river system.


Have a super weekend, everyone.  Remember to have a go at the Education City homework (you still have one week to go) and a practice on Times Table Rock Stars before our next tournament…


Miss Louth and Mr B




Hello everybody


What a great week we have had in Year 3. The children have really impressed us with their writing this week. Keep an eye out for the Batchley newsletter as we had the difficult choice of picking a Super Writer. The children have all shown great enthusiasm for writing and are listening carefully in lessons. This means their writing includes more adventurous vocabulary and more complex sentence structures.


On the subject of writing, we have really been concentrating on our handwriting in class. This is a whole year group target. We would really appreciate your support at home with this. If you go to the subject resources link (on the class page, on the school website) you will see there is a link to "Literacy resources":


This is packed with different tasks to help your child improve their handwriting. We are offering prizes to those children who make the best progress!


Our second set of Education City homework has been published. Your child should have a login sticker in their reading diary, which will get them on Education City via the RM unify page. Each task has been chosen to support the learning we will be doing over the next couple of weeks. Each completed task will earn dojo rewards. If you do have any difficulties accessing this site please let us know. 


Hope you all have a great weekend,


Miss Louth and Mr B



W/C 21 September 2020


Hi everybody!  A great second week for the Year 3 classes, and we are now starting to get back into the swing of things after those strange first few days.  We are really impressed with how well the children have settled back into familiar routines and have accepted the greater responsibilities that come with being in Key Stage 2, particularly during these strange times.  If we keep nagging about the basic behaviour, it’s because we need to make sure that the small things are more embedded than ever – it really is a case of Ready, Respectful and Safe!  


With that in mind, thank you for making use of the wipe-clean book folders for the time being, and for making sure that the children aren’t smuggling in anything into school aside from water bottle, coat and book bag.  At present we aren’t using either lockers or trays, so there really isn’t room for anything else (even coats are a struggle), and we’ll be providing everything that the children need day to day.  


We’ve successfully navigated our first library change-over day today, so the children should have a couple of new books to be reading for the next week.  We’re not writing in reading records on a daily basis at the moment, as we’re trying to avoid cross-contaminating any surfaces where possible, but that doesn’t mean that we’re not keeping records of who’s reading what, and when – we’ll be flagging up our first super readers next week!  As there’s a lot of catching up to do, we really do appreciate it if you are able to read with your child each evening, even if it’s only for a few minutes.  It makes a huge difference to their basic reading skills and wider comprehension, and they enjoy it far more when they’re reading for you.  Even if you don’t, please do send the children in to school with their book folders every single day, as we need to keep a record of all reading, to hear individual readers, and potentially to use other applications with the logins in the reading diaries…


Aside from reading, we’re into our second week of the first batch of Education City homework.  If you’re not able to access that, please do let us know so we can arrange for paper copies.  Similarly, the first Teachers vs Pupils Times Table Rock Stars tournament will be reaching a conclusion on Sunday.  At the moment the pupils are winning, but the teachers will be making a come-back over the weekend, so if the children are wanting to be winning some biscuits for their classes they need to get logging on and having a go.  Everyone should have a working login for RM Unify, Times Tables Rock Stars and Charanga music by now, but if you don’t, or if you have any problems accessing any of those applications, please let us know.  


Please also register on Class Dojo if you possibly can, either by clicking on the link below or by downloading the app on your tablet/phone and entering the invitation code we have sent home.  The school is going to be making a lot more use of Dojo, as it will be our main reward application, a method of direct communication with parents, and a way of hosting photos, documents, videos and other types of electronic file and communication if we end up having to provide any remote teaching over the coming months.  


Have a super weekend everyone.


Miss Louth and Mr B



W/C 14 September 2020


Hi everyone - well done for getting through that first tricky week!  Now that Mr B is back from his travels (sorry for missing the first three days!) we are getting into things very well and catching up for lost time.  From what the teaching staff have seen so far, we are sure that we will have a really successful year.


Some housekeeping notes:


  • If you haven't yet signed up for Class Dojo, it would be great if you could.  Just click the link below to join your child's class.  We are going to be using Dojo more and more as a reward for positive behaviour, including sending you home live feedback so that you can see just what awesome things your child has been up to through the day - but you have to be registered to get the feedback!


  • Also online, we have published our first Education City homework tasks of the year.  We have set a time limit of two weeks for tasks to be completed.  Nobody will get in trouble if they don't do the homework tasks, but there will be rewards for those who do complete them all.  If your child doesn't have access to RM Unify/Education City, please speak to us so that we can send you paper homework instead.


  • We have now started to get our library back into action, and will be sending children home with books and reading records today.  Please note that we are not using book bags for now - we are using plastic wallets which are wipe clean.  Can you please make sure that the wallets (and books!) are brought into school every single day, even if you haven't had the chance to read the previous evening.  We will be changing our books every Friday.


  • In your child's book folder you will also find a login for Times Table Rock Stars, which you can access off the RM Unify front screen.  We will be starting our first challenge of the year shortly, so please make sure that you do all try to log on and have a go, as practice really will make a huge difference.


  • We are aware that Covid-19 figures seem to be heading the wrong way at the moment, which is obviously a major concern.  We desperately hope that there won't be any need for us to have a similar situation to what we had back in the Spring, but need to be taking precautions and making preparations just in case.  Mrs Downes has already started adding extra features to the school website, in case your child is poorly or has to self-isolate because someone they have come into contact with is ill - as happened with Mr B.  In the meantime, the best way of avoiding that sort of scenario is to keep on reinforcing the need for social distancing, washing hands and generally following the school policies.  Thank you for your support throughout - we do really appreciate it.


Have a great weekend, everyone - and we'll see you all bright and early on Monday!


Miss Louth and Mr B


PS - as you can see, Mr B still doesn't have a picture for the class page.  If anyone feels like doing something about that at some stage, that would be lovely!