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Autumn 2020

W/C 14 September 2020


Hi everyone - well done for getting through that first tricky week!  Now that Mr B is back from his travels (sorry for missing the first three days!) we are getting into things very well and catching up for lost time.  From what the teaching staff have seen so far, we are sure that we will have a really successful year.


Some housekeeping notes:


  • If you haven't yet signed up for Class Dojo, it would be great if you could.  Just click the link below to join your child's class.  We are going to be using Dojo more and more as a reward for positive behaviour, including sending you home live feedback so that you can see just what awesome things your child has been up to through the day - but you have to be registered to get the feedback!


  • Also online, we have published our first Education City homework tasks of the year.  We have set a time limit of two weeks for tasks to be completed.  Nobody will get in trouble if they don't do the homework tasks, but there will be rewards for those who do complete them all.  If your child doesn't have access to RM Unify/Education City, please speak to us so that we can send you paper homework instead.


  • We have now started to get our library back into action, and will be sending children home with books and reading records today.  Please note that we are not using book bags for now - we are using plastic wallets which are wipe clean.  Can you please make sure that the wallets (and books!) are brought into school every single day, even if you haven't had the chance to read the previous evening.  We will be changing our books every Friday.


  • In your child's book folder you will also find a login for Times Table Rock Stars, which you can access off the RM Unify front screen.  We will be starting our first challenge of the year shortly, so please make sure that you do all try to log on and have a go, as practice really will make a huge difference.


  • We are aware that Covid-19 figures seem to be heading the wrong way at the moment, which is obviously a major concern.  We desperately hope that there won't be any need for us to have a similar situation to what we had back in the Spring, but need to be taking precautions and making preparations just in case.  Mrs Downes has already started adding extra features to the school website, in case your child is poorly or has to self-isolate because someone they have come into contact with is ill - as happened with Mr B.  In the meantime, the best way of avoiding that sort of scenario is to keep on reinforcing the need for social distancing, washing hands and generally following the school policies.  Thank you for your support throughout - we do really appreciate it.


Have a great weekend, everyone - and we'll see you all bright and early on Monday!


Miss Louth and Mr B


PS - as you can see, Mr B still doesn't have a picture for the class page.  If anyone feels like doing something about that at some stage, that would be lovely!