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Batchley First School is proud to be an inclusive community. Batchley admits children with varying levels of additional needs. While all children have different needs, pupils have Special Educational Needs if they have a learning difficulty which calls for special educational provision to be made for them.


The school follows Worcestershire's Ordinarily Available document, as shown in our Special Educational Needs Information Report. Children's Additional Needs are catered for using waves of intervention and an Assess, Plan, Do, Review model.


Wave: Description
Wave 1:           Quality First Teaching:  This benefits all children. Work in the class is geared towards all the different levels of the children.  
Wave 2: Small group additional Intervention:  This benefits children who need to make rapid progress to ensure they can access the Quality First Teaching at the right level.
Wave 3: Intensive Intervention: 1-1 or very small groups for those pupils who are working on an individualised curriculum or accessing the National Curriculum well below expected levels for their age.


Who might work with my child at Batchley First School?


From time to time, the SENCO,  Sarah Wykes might ask you if she can refer your child to someone to support the school in meeting your child's or your family's needs.


These include:


  • The School Nurse:  Elsa Chadaway who may refer to other Health services (eg, Community Doctor, Physiotherapy).    
  • Family Support Worker: Justine Fitzer works in the school and supports families and children. We are able to refer to Justine very quickly. Parents and staff find Justine's imput into children's behaviour and learning invaluable.
  • Speech and Language Therapy: Jayne Windmill works closely with the school and our Speech and Language Therapy Assistant Hayley Clark to ensure that children's additional needs are met during interventions.
  • Educational Psychology: Anita Soni supports staff to meet children's needs.  The school feels extremely fortunate to have such a highly efficient and skilled Educational Psychologist.
  • SEN Governor: David Thain supports the school in it's quest to be inclusive and self evaluative.


Should you wish to meet with any of the people above please contact Sarah Wykes.